Thursday, October 29, 2009

Premier Ltd to manufacture compact SUV - RiO at its Pune plant

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Premier Ltd. (formerly known as Premier Automobiles Ltd.) has re-entered the Indian passenger vehicle market with a compact SUV named RiO. Premier will assemble the RiO at its Pune plant.

The production has already commenced and the first cars are expected to hit selected dealer showrooms in the first week of November. Premier will commence deliveries in December 2009.
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Premier Rio launched, prices start at Rs 5.25 lakh

Premier Automobiles is once again trying its luck in the Indian automotive segment. And this time, instead of a 1960s Italian saloon, it’s peddling a Chinese SUV (albeit one of Japanese origin) that’s about a decade old already. This SUV – called the Premier Rio – is priced at Rs 5.25-5.95 lakh, so for those want an ‘SUV’ for family hatchback money just might be interested. Read More

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