Friday, October 30, 2009

Employer responsible for safety of staff - a seminar on Security for IT and IT enabled sectors' staff

"A sound company policy with regard to security,
fully equipped control room on the premises of the company, and
verification of security personnel provided by agencies
are a must to implement long-term security measures for IT sector employees,"
Deputy Commissioner of Police Jalinder Supekar (Zone IV)
Security starts from the self. Follow basics. Ask the cab drivers hired by the company to show their badge or ID-card, do not take a detour from the regular route, or ask for lift from unknown people.

A major area of concern that emerged from the investigations was that the victims who had been attacked were found to have been speaking continuously on their mobile phones and were, therefore, not alert to what was happening around them.

I would suggest not keeping female employees in the office after 5 pm. Instead, they ought to be given laptops and other equipment that would help them to work from home. Or they must be provided with a drop-service that includes a security personnel..

The companies ought to verify their antecedents. "Don't blindly follow what the agencies are saying. Many a time one finds that the personnel who have been provided are not properly trained/educated, and security guards don't know their role. They should have proper uniforms and badges.

The companies could also consider asking the police to help improve and implement the security system. Keep in touch, continuously, verify doubts -- only when you have doubts is there a chance of improvement,

A fully equipped control room and proper database with records of drivers, their phone numbers as well as employees' numbers should be maintained.

A cab with GPI system would be easy to track.

Ensure that systems are in place and that those systems work.

Going through the agreements between companies and employees, Supekar said, he had noticed that the security angle had not been properly covered.
The Times of India

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