Friday, July 11, 2008

WNS Holdings buys Aviva Global Services

WNS Holdings pays $228M for Aviva Global Services; expects up to $1B from outsourcing deal:

Indian outsourcing services provider WNS Holdings Ltd. said Thursday that it paid $228 million for Aviva Global Services, the business process offshoring company of insurance group Aviva.

WNS acquired all Aviva Global Services shares on Thursday following the transaction, which included a share sale and purchase agreement with Aviva.

WNS said it has provided business process outsourcing services to Aviva since 2004 in relation to some contracts from facilities in Pune, India, and Columbo, Sri Lanka.

The company said through the purchase, it will take control of Aviva Global Services' operations in Bangalore, India, and Colombo. WNS said the facility in Colombo it managed was transferred to Aviva Global Services in 2007.

Aviva Global Services' Pune and Chennai facilities, which other companies run, will be transferred to WNS within a month.

WNS said a facility it manages in Pune will stay with WNS.
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