Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tata Motors Unveils Details Of '1-Lakh' Budget Car

Some of the secrecy surrounding the Tatas’ "1-Lakh" small car has been shed, with a company executive disclosing that the vehicle will get 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) per liter and in performance terms will match the Maruti 800, one of the most popular cars in the budget segment of the Indian market.

“It’s an eco-car with a 25 kilometer-per-liter mileage on petrol, meets every international standard and specification, including Euro-4 norms. Acceleration wise, it’s the same as a Maruti 800,” R. A. Mashelkar, a nonexecutive director on Tata Motors’ board, told reporters in Calcutta.

"How spacious the car would be?" In the story published on Forbes dot com, Ruth David says there is ample space in both the front and the rear to fit Mr. Mashelkar's six-foot frame.

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