Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mahindra &Mahindra to gain from Navistar International’s acquisition of General Motors’ medium-duty truck business

As a part of Mahindra & Mahindra's Joint Venture arrangement with Navistar subsidiary International Truck and Engine Corporation (ITEC), M&M gets access to GM brands like Kodiak, TopKick and Isuzu T-Series. The deal also covers GMC and Chevrolet brand vehicles in the class 4-8 gross vehicle weight range.

Flickr: GMC: ThisIsIt2's photos

M&M and ITEC, last month, announced a JV for making diesel engine with additional investments of $90 million over the next five years. The venture, to be owned 51% by Mahindra and 49% by ITEC, will make diesel engines for medium and heavy commercial vehicles.

Mahindra International is building a new facility at Chakan near Pune and will likely kick off with a 25-tonne truck and a nine-tonne export-only bus.

The JV will use M&M’s light commercial vehicles factory at Zaheerabad (in Andhra Pradesh) till the Chakan plant comes on stream.
The Economic Times

Monday, December 24, 2007

Bajaj Auto to relaunch two-stroke Chetak Scooter, Kawasaki-Bajaj 100 Motorcycle with gasoline direct injection (GDi)engines

Bajaj Auto has introduced direct injection technology, as the GDi name suggest, replacing the carburettor which delivers better fuel efficiency and higher power (torque) than the conventional two-stroke engines.

In the GDi technology, the fuel is injected through a common rail fuel line directly into the engine’s combustion chamber where it is completely burnt unlike the conventional carburettor-run two-stroke engine which leaves out unburnt fuel and results in higher emission.
It also meets the stringent emission norms with 50% lower carbon monoxide ((CO) and 25% lower hydrocarbons and nitrous oxides (HC+NOx) than the earlier two-stroke engines, which were phased out by two-wheeler companies because they failed to meet the required emission norms.

The gasoline direct injection (GDi) engine has substantially lower emissions than even alternate clean fuels like CNG and LPG.

Additionally, gasoline direct injection (GDi) engine has lower operating costs than four-stroke technology that currently dominates the bike market.

Bajaj Auto is in the process of developing two-wheelers that will run on CNG fuel.
The Economic Times

Saturday, December 22, 2007

LG Electronics India Ltd to invest Rs 1,100 crore in the next 3 years to consolidate its position in the premium segment of consumer durables

“We are targeting 30 per cent sales in the premium segment in 2008, up from 20-22 per cent currently, for which, we will invest heavily in marketing,” LGEIL head (sales and marketing), Mr Amit Gupta said.

The company is also targeting a revenue of Rs 16,000 crore by 2010 from the expected figure of Rs 9,500 crore this year, 81 per cent of which would come from domestic sales.
The Statesman

Consumer electronics and home appliances major LG Electronics India Ltd (LGEIL) plans to create an image of a mid-range to high-end brand focused on consumer benefits:

Amit Gupta, head of sales and marketing for LGEIL, said the company is in the process of creating flagship stores across the country to display its products and acquaint customers with the benefits of being an LG customer. Two such stores - in Noida and Hyderabad - have already been set up and more will come in course of time, he said.

Gupta said the number of brand shops as well as service centres will be increased and service will also be made available out of large multi-brand stores. Special attention will be provided to the newly-opened channel of modern retail - part of institutional sales for LG - as the company expects a greater contribution from this segment in the future.
Business Standard

LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd (LGEIL), the 100% subsidiary of LG group of Korea, shifts focus from home appliances to high-end GSM mobile phones, laptops and flat plasma display panels

Although LG would not pull out of the CDMA, it would switch over to the GSM as the mainstay of its mobile business, Shin said. While the demand for CDMA phones is growing at 1-1.5% per annum, it is 10% for the GSM ones.

LGEIL, with a product portfolio of consumer electronics, home appliances, IT products and mobile handsets, commands a market share of 26%, the highest among the electronics goods producing Companies, followed by Samsung's 17% and Whirlpool's 7%.

Shin said the company, after evolving the new marketing strategy, expected a 25-30% growth year-on-year compared with 17-18% it has witnessed this year.

This will bring about "a disproportionate growth enabling LGEIL to attain a top line of Rs 16,000- 20,000 crore by 2010 from Rs 9,500 crore at present," according to managing director Moon B Shin.
The Financial Express

LG's devises a unique process of subjecting their appliances and their various parts to extreme weather conditions to suit every corner of the India — from Kashmir to Kanyakumari

Established in 1997, LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd (LGEIL), a wholly owned subsidiary of LG Electronics, South Korea, which benchmarked the Toyota production system since last year, has invested in R&D for all-weather consumer appliances for the Indian market.

It is immersing remote controls and electronic panels into 2-inch layer of dust to acclimatise to Indian weather conditions.

With products from Noida and Pune 85 per cent indigenous, chambers have been created to subject refrigerators to 91 per cent humidity or temperatures up to 41.8 degrees Celsius to see what parts need to be changed to make it more viable in all parts of the country.

Washing machines are being kept in cages full of rats to see which parts of the appliance attract them most and thus make changes accordingly.

And packaged goods are thrown around from great heights to ensure after-sales delivery by unskilled porters doesn’t affect the machines.
The Telegraph

Friday, December 21, 2007

Tata Motors introduces its new range of medium and heavy commercial vehicles

This year, Tata Motors will redefine motoring solutions in the country with its all-new range in Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles. These trucks and value-added applications clearly signal Tata Motors commitment to bringing customised solutions with the latest technologies. It will be the first time that these many new models are being launched in a single year.

Commenting on the launches, the Executive Director of Tata Motors Commercial Vehicle Business Unit, Mr. P.M. Telang said, "It gives me immense pleasure to showcase our new range of medium and heavy commercial vehicles. With the introduction of this new range, Tata Motors reiterates its leadership position in providing the best commercial vehicle solutions for its customers and business partners. The new product range further enhances the company’s image as a value-added M&HCV manufacturer".

The Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles range on display includes:

1. The Tata LPS 4930 Novus - 6x4 BSII Tractor: is a 49 ton 6X4 Novus tractor:

The vehicle has a contemporary and a luxurious AC cabin, which is customised for optimum performance in Indian conditions. It is fitted with ATOS 80 frame to withstand toughest operating condition. It has 11 R 20 radial tyres along with ABS technology to provide maximum safety. The maximum power capacity of the vehicle is 295.8HP @ 2200 rpm and torque of 1127 Nm@1400 rpm and 25% gradeability. It is also factory fitted with GPS/ Data logger solution. It has been fitted with a maximum gear speed of 82 kmph.
Ideal vehicle for container, steel, cement and petroleum.

2. TheTata LPS 4923 TC 6x4 BS II Tractor is a 49ton GCW Tractor-Trailer:

The vehicle has been fitted with a proven world class Cummins engine with matching Eaton gearbox. It offers 25% gradeability for use in tough terrains. The vehicle has inverted bogie suspension, which has long life and good axle alignment retention property, used for the first time by Tata Motors in this class of vehicle. It is a durable and world-class vehicle, with easy maintenance, lesrs down time and offers enhanced safety and comfort features. The engine delivers a superior power of 230HP. Its torque is 814 Nm resulting in less fatigue and more mileage. The vehicle has been fitted with an Anti Lock Brake System (ABS). The Tata LPS 4923 offers some more additional product features such as inter-axle differential lock, serrated coupling, small silencer size, propeller shaft, water-cooled compressor, air-assisted clutch booster. It has 3 variants - cowl, cabin chassis and fully built with 3-axle trailer.
Ideal vehicle for steel coil, cement, containers and ODC (over dimensional cargo).

3. The Tata LPT 3118 TC 8x2 BS II Truck is India’s first 8 X 2 Multi Axle truck with ‘Lift Axle’:

It is fitted with Automatic Load Sensing Value for optimum Lift Axle function. The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is 31,000 kgs, thus offering more payload, minimum operating cost and in turn more earnings for the customer. It delivers a maximum power of 177HP@ 2500 rpm and torque of 650 Nm@1500 rpm and gradeability of 21%. It has a max gear speed of 79.1kmph, an overall length of 9290 mm (for cab) and a ground clearance of 248 mm. It has 3 variants - cowl, cab chassis and cab load body.
Ideal vehicle for cement, containers, tankers, petrochemicals, fertilizers, food grain, timber and general cargo.

4. The Tata LPT 2516 Super Turbo Multi Axle Truck:

It provides the best fuel efficiency in its class coupled with superior power pick-up and speed. It is powered by 160 PS, 697 turbocharged intercooled diesel engine. This is the first time that radial tyres have been offered as a standard fitment. The new engine comes with a Waste Gate Turbo Charger, Special Cylinder Head and Combustion Chamber, Pistons and High Pressure Injectors. The vehicle has booster assisted clutch, making clutch operation as smooth as a car. The vehicle provides the owner superior fuel efficiency, faster turnaround time, improved tyre life and better drivability.
Ideal vehicle for the use of cement, tankers, fertilisers, foodgrains and general cargo.

5. The Tata LPK 2518 TC 6x4 BS II Tipper:

It has high power and torque with a higher gradeability of 24%. It has contemporary ribless body design with a meritor MT 28 1495 heavy duty axle, G750 6- speed gearbox. The Cummins engine delivers a maximum power 176HP@2250rpm. The torque is 654 Nm@1500 rpm and has a FC tipping to provide more stability during tipping at uneven surfaces. Its wheelbase is 3880 mm and has a maximum gear speed of 70 kmph. It overall length is 6830 mm (for 38 W.B for chassis with N.S cab). It has an option of 20 cubic metres body on 48WV.
Ideal vehicle for light mining, construction and road work.

6. The Tata LPK 1618 BS II Tipper:

This is India’s first 4 X 2 front end tipper with 176HP Cummins engine, which delivers a maximum power of 176.9HP @ 2500 rpm and a high torque of 650 Nm @1500 rpm. Further it comes with a clutch booster for driving comfort. The Tipper has the highest gradebality in its class of vehicle range of 35%, and offers contemporary ribless body design. This offers the best driving comfort to the customers. The LPK 1618 TC is available in three variants - 10 cum box, 8 cum box and 7 cum scoop load bodies. It has a 3600mm wheelbase and is also available in 3200mm wheelbase.
Ideal vehicle for mining (iron ore, O&B removal), tough construction sites like dam, irrigation, etc.


Applications such Trailer Transit Mixers, Tip Trailers, Side Walled-Trailers, Garbage Compactors, Reefer Trucks, Dumper Placers, Hi- Decks and Half Decks have been introduced on these and other M&HCV’s, making the range robust.

About Tata Motors:

Tata Motors is India's largest automobile company, with revenues of Rs. 32,426 crores in 2006-07.

With over 4 million Tata vehicles plying in India, it is the leader in commercial vehicles and the second largest in passenger vehicles.

It is also the world's fifth largest medium and heavy truck manufacturer and the second largest heavy bus manufacturer.

Tata cars, buses and trucks are being marketed in several countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia and South America.

Tata Motors and Fiat Auto have formed an industrial joint venture in India to manufacture passenger cars, engines and transmissions for the Indian and overseas markets; Tata Motors also has an agreement with Fiat Auto to build a pick-up vehicle at Córdoba, Argentina. The company already distributes Fiat-branded cars in India.

Tata Motors' international footprint include Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Co. Ltd. in South Korea; Hispano Carrocera, a bus and coach manufacturer of Spain in which the company has a 21% stake; a joint venture with Marcopolo, the Brazil-based body-builder of buses and coaches; and a joint venture with Thonburi Automotive Assembly Plant Company of Thailand to manufacture and market pickup vehicles in Thailand.

Tata Motors has research centres in India, the UK, and in its subsidiary and associate companies in South Korea and Spain.

PRdomain: Press Release

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Madras High Court restrains TVS Motor Company from booking, selling and marketing its new 125cc bike Flame following a petition filed by Bajaj Auto

The interim order came on rival Bajaj Auto's petition, challenging the launch of Flame, which it claims infringes its so-called digital twin spark ignition (DTSi) technology, which uses two spark plugs for better fuel efficiency.

This new case is in addition to the law suit filed by TVS against Bajaj Auto in the Madras High Court, under the Indian Patents Act. TVS filed that case to counter Bajaj Auto's allegations of patent violation.

TVS has also filed a Rs2.5bn defamation case against Bajaj Auto in the Bombay High Court, which has already served a notice on the Pune-based company. The legal tussle between two started in September, when Bajaj Auto accused TVS of stealing its DTSi technology. TVS responded by unleashing two separate cases.

Jack Schofield of The Guardian on Spyware Detector, an anti-spyware program, by Max Secure Software, Pune

What's your opinion of an anti-spyware program called Spyware Detector? I've just purchased it and it seems to be very good, but it is never mentioned in any magazines.
Anthony Cox

JS: I hadn't heard of it, but it seems a legitimate product from a reputable private company based in Pune, India ( There's a list of rogue antispyware programs at
Ask Jack | Technology | The Guardian

Tata Motors' 1-lakh car will be launched in manual and automatic (continuous variable transmission) versions

According to industry sources, work on the new small car assembly line at Tata Motors’ Ace plant at Uttarakhand, which involves a financial outlay of Rs 400 crore, commenced a couple of months ago. The line will have an installed capacity to manufacture 60,000 cars annually, and is expected to be ready for trial production by early April.

The remaining components will be sourced from Pune, sources say, adding that the initial plan is to produce 30,000 cars.

However, those close to its development here reveal that it has a rear engine, weighs around 600 kg and is powered by a 32-HP engine.

People's car: In manual, automatic versions -

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

BMW India is focused on the fast growing domestic market, no plans of exporting cars manufactured at its Chennai plant

Headquartered in Gurgaon, BMW India is a 100 per cent subsidiary of the BMW Group set up with an initial investment of Rs 1.1 billion.

The Chennai plant, started operation in March this year and produces the BMW 3 and BMV 5 series Sedans in petrol and diesel variants.

The plant has a capacity to produce 1,700 units a year.

BMW India has also partnered with Bajaj Allianz Insurance for offering motor insurance and with ICICI Bank to offer customised financial solutions for its customers.

BMW India President Peter Kronschnabi was in Pune to inaugurate company's first showroom, Bawaria Motors.
DNA - Money - BMW India to focus on domestic market - Daily News & Analysis

Tata Motors Unveils Details Of '1-Lakh' Budget Car

Some of the secrecy surrounding the Tatas’ "1-Lakh" small car has been shed, with a company executive disclosing that the vehicle will get 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) per liter and in performance terms will match the Maruti 800, one of the most popular cars in the budget segment of the Indian market.

“It’s an eco-car with a 25 kilometer-per-liter mileage on petrol, meets every international standard and specification, including Euro-4 norms. Acceleration wise, it’s the same as a Maruti 800,” R. A. Mashelkar, a nonexecutive director on Tata Motors’ board, told reporters in Calcutta.

"How spacious the car would be?" In the story published on Forbes dot com, Ruth David says there is ample space in both the front and the rear to fit Mr. Mashelkar's six-foot frame.

Mimosa Systems Awarded Microsoft ISV Star Partner Award

Mimosa Systems Chosen by Microsoft for Exceptional Integration Ability and Channel Strength

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mimosa Systems™, a leading provider of Live Content Archiving solutions, today announced that it has received the ISV Star Partner Award for the Microsoft SMS&P NY Metro District. The award recognizes Mimosa as the 2008 outstanding independent software vendor that exemplifies exceptional integration with the community and has a channel and partner ecosystem to bolster aspects of the business, grow revenue, and integrate applications with Microsoft solutions. Mimosa is also recognized as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner — among a select number of Microsoft partners to gain this distinction.

This coveted Microsoft recognition is the latest in a growing list of awards for Mimosa. Earlier this year, Mimosa’s NearPoint™ for Microsoft® Exchange Server solution was cited as TechTarget’s SearchExchange Product of the Year. With hundreds of entries each year, this recognition is considered a benchmark for excellence throughout the computer industry. NearPoint was also recently named a Top 10 Product by Network World and named one of five “Storage Standouts.” Additionally, Mimosa received accolades in the channel as a Top 75 Emerging Vendor by CRN magazine.

Mimosa NearPoint is tightly integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server and addresses critical customer requirements for email information archiving, eDiscovery, regulatory compliance, data protection, disaster recovery and storage optimization. The solution enables litigation readiness, business continuity and end-user search while reducing overall operational costs.

“We are especially proud to receive the Microsoft Star Partner Award because it again recognizes the close relationship between Microsoft and Mimosa. We’ve added several significant project wins, many new channel partners and deepened our contacts within Microsoft and the Partner Community. We value our position as a trusted Microsoft partner and look forward to continued successes in the email archiving space,” said Christopher Culine, senior vice president, worldwide sales, at Mimosa Systems.

About Mimosa:

Mimosa Systems, Inc., delivers next-generation information management solutions for information immediacy, discovery, and continuity. Mimosa NearPoint for Microsoft Exchange Server is the industry's most comprehensive information management software solution for Microsoft Exchange, unifying email archiving, recovery, and storage management. With options for eDiscovery and disaster recovery, NearPoint ensures litigation readiness and email continuity while leveraging cost-effective disk technologies to optimize email storage growth. Mimosa is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, recognized for its competencies in networking infrastructure solutions, ISV/software solutions, and advanced infrastructure solutions. Mimosa is a privately held company whose investors include August Capital, Clearstone Venture Partners, Dot Edu Ventures, JAFCO Ventures, and Mayfield Fund. Mimosa was founded in 2003 and is based in Santa Clara , California, with offices in Munich, Germany, and Pune, India. For more information, see

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dun & Bradstreet's ITeS/BPO survey makes startling revelations

Contrary to popular perception the rising salary levels and not the appreciating Rupee against the US Dollar is the most pressing concern for the IT-enabled services (ITeS) and BPO industry, says the latest study by Dun & Bradstreet.

The findings are based on a survey covering over 200 ITeS and BPO companies in the country, including captives, third-party vendors and Indian subsidiaries of multinationals.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Aztecsoft, global software engineering services company, inaugurates it's new centre in Hinjewadi, Pune

The new facility that would house 1500 people is spread over a total constructed area of 200,000 square feet. This facility will provide Product Engineering services, Independent Testing services, Sustained Engineering and Professional Services.

Inaugurating the facility, Samir Bodas, CEO of Aztecsoft said, “This facility is strategic to the company’s expansion plans. The depth of engineering talent and solid educational institutions in Pune convinced us that we should double down on our investment in this city and build this world class facility”.

Marking the occasion, Aztecsoft is holding a week-long celebration starting December 10 that ends in a carnival for employees and their families.

In addition to state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, the facility houses a gymnasium, meditation room, recreation center, multi-cuisine cafeteria and a basket ball court.

Spread over five floors, the new campus is fully operational . The facility is located at No. 37, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Phase -1, MIDC, Hinjewadi, Pune-57.

Speaking at the occasion, Amar Karvir, VP and Head of Pune Center said, “This facility is a testimony to Aztecsoft’s commitment to its employees and customers."

The Pune Center will serve global customers and will develop and test some of the most complex software in the world.

About Aztecsoft Ltd.:

Since 1995, Aztecsoft has built and tested over 1600 software products.

The software engineering specialist provides best-in-class development and testing services to software product companies, business and consumer portals, SaaS providers, and companies in the mobility & wireless domain.

Aztecsoft provides full life-cycle product engineering, independent testing, professional services, and sustained engineering services.

With a client list that includes many of the largest fortune 500 companies, Aztecsoft's passion for technology, excellence and people gives their customers the best combination of expertise, experience and depth of services to make it the technology partner of choice.

Aztecsoft has won a number of industry awards for innovative HR practices from independent agencies, which is an external validation of Aztecsoft's consistent growth momentum.

To learn more about Aztecsoft, please visit or email

IndiaPRwire: Press Release: Mickey Bopanna, PR Consultant, Corporate Voice Weber Shandwick:

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Siemens PLM Software expands its operations in India by opening a new and much larger, development center in Pune

Siemens PLM Software, a division of Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) and a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, today announced it has significantly expanded the capacity of its operations in India by opening a new, and much larger, development center to accommodate up to 1,100 employees.

The division’s India-based development team has experienced a growth rate of 30 percent (CAGR) over the last few years.

The new facility, recently inaugurated by Dr. Helmuth Ludwig, president of Siemens PLM Software, currently employs 800 individuals responsible for many of the division’s software product developments, modules and service engagements on a global basis.

“Our investment in India is not only critical for our expansion in the Asia Pacific region, but globally because it provides us with proximity to customers in the area and is a superior talent resource pool for our development efforts,” said Ludwig.

Siemens PLM Software has operated in India for nearly 20 years and has more than 2,200 customers throughout the country. Its customer list includes leading manufacturing enterprises from such industries as automotive and transportation, machinery, aerospace and defense and numerous small- to mid-sized businesses.

“We have a longstanding, significant presence in India and have consistently led the PLM market here,” added Ludwig. “The new development facility and the increased investments in our sales and support infrastructure in India is further proof of our unwavering commitment to India.”

Throughout India, Siemens PLM Software employs more than 900 professionals and has offices and centers in five cities. It serves customers in more than 50 cities across the country and also has a strong channel network.

In addition, Siemens PLM Software’s products are also used to train students at more than 300 engineering colleges and training centers across the region.<

About Siemens PLM Software:

Siemens PLM Software, a division of Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D), is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services with 4.6 million licensed seats and 51,000 customers worldwide.

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Siemens PLM Software’s open enterprise solutions enable a world where organizations and their partners collaborate through Global Innovation Networks to deliver world-class products and services.

For more information on Siemens PLM Software products and services, visit

About Siemens Automation and Drives:

The Siemens Automation and Drives Group (A&D), Nuremberg, Germany, is the leading manufacturer in this field worldwide.

Products supplied by A&D include standard products for the manufacturing and process industries and for the electrical installation industry as well as system solutions, for example for machine tools, and solutions for whole industries such as the automation of entire automobile factories or chemical plants.

Supplementing this range of products and services, A&D also offers software for linking production and management (horizontal and vertical IT integration) and for optimizing production processes.

A&D employs 70,600 people worldwide and in fiscal year 2006 (to September 30) earned a group profit of €1.572 billion on sales of €12.848 billion and orders of €14.108 billion, according to U.S. GAAP. Further information about A&D is available in the Internet at

Press release from: Siemens PLM Software. PR Agency: Mutual PR

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tata Motors to erect unit at Dharwad

Tata Motors resolved to construct its manufacturing unit at Dharwad and the state government took steps to allot 300 acres of land adjacent to the Telcon on the Pune-Bangalore National Highway,10 kms off Dharwad, reports Business Standard.

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The setting up of Tata Motors will help provide direct employment to 1000 people while another 2000 would be indirectly employed. In addition, it cost the industrial activity in the region with several ancillary industries coming up.

The Rs 21 billion project is expected to manufacture 30,000 buses every year. Tatas showed interest and the process of allotting the land will be completed soon

Source: My iris

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For India’s wind man, green is good business

Saving the environment wasn’t as much on his mind as cutting costs when Indian entrepreneur Tulsi Tanti first turned to wind energy 13 years ago.

Confronted with a soaring electricity bill and unpredictable power supply, Tanti had a pair of wind turbines installed at his textile plant in western India and became a quick convert to what became his business calling.

After building Suzlon into Asia’s biggest wind energy firm in 12 years, Tanti can claim credit for prescience in seizing a market opportunity from concerns over global warming and climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

The 49-year-old mechanical engineer has also become a hero of the global renewable energy movement as the world counts the cost of greenhouse gas emissions and developing economies such as India’s battle chronic power shortages requiring tens of billions of dollars in investment.
:Khaleej Times Online

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Josh Software: Making its mark in Ruby on Rails

Pune is now increasingly becoming the hot-bed of Ruby on Rails activity in India and Josh Software Pvt. Ltd. are strongly making a mark in this field. Satish Talim of recently talked to Gautam Rege, one of the founders of this company.

Satish>> Could you tell us a little more about Josh Software Pvt. Ltd.?

Gautam>> Josh Software Pvt. Ltd. is a one and half year old company. We are primarily into software product development. This is quite a different area. We are neither a product company nor a services based company. We build software products for others. Our claim to our success has been our ideology: “You bring to the table your domain knowledge, we bring our software skills and together we build a software product”. Josh Software Pvt. Ltd. was earlier Josh Consultants Pvt. Ltd. but Sethu and felt to change our name to showcase our software development abilities.

We are based in Pune and have core skills in Ruby On Rails, .NET, C++ and Java. Given our personal work experience we have worked on virtually all UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms. Cross platform development is our forte and we aspire to be one of the top software product development companies in India.

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NASSCOM announces 100 IT Innovators 2007

We have announced the finalists for the 100 IT Innovators. The showcase of Innovative companies profiles some of the large, medium and small organizations that have made innovation an important part of their growth strategies.

The nation-wide search for these companies conducted for the fourth time in India and positioned as an annual feature on NASSCOM’s roster of activities, unveiled a wide spectrum of young enterprising companies and some of the large companies that are making waves both at home and overseas.

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