Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tata's Eka, the fourth fastest super computer to rev up investments in Pune

While Eka, the fourth fastest super computer in the world and the most powerful one in Asia and Asia-Pacific region developed in Pune by Tata Group subsidiary Computational Research Laboratories (CRL) has certainly put the city on the world map, according to Sunil Sherlekar, Head of Embedded Systems R&D, what is more significant is the subsequent slew of investments the project is likely to encourage in the city along with the varied applications that the super computer is capable of.

Adding that the breakthrough is also important for showing the world that India can do high-end technical work, Sherlekar said the challenge before the team now is to use the supercomputer for a variety of applications, each of which will have a significant impact.

“The super computer is an enabling technology and a lot of design work is capable through it,’’ he said. According to Sherlakar the significant areas where the technology could be used includes the crucial sector of weather and climate modeling which could lead to vastly better weather predictions with far reaching effects in the field of agriculture, space launches and even optimisation of airline routes.

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