Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Saama Technologies inaugurates new R&D facility in Pune

(IndiaPRwire.com) Saama intends to invest about US $10mn in this facility over the next 18-24 months.Saama aspires to reach $100 million revenue and employ about 2000 people globally by 2010 and this growth will be both organic and inorganic. Saama plans to tap the capital markets to fuel this growth.

“Saama constantly strives to innovate and keep ahead of the curve, especially in the formulation and delivery of services. These additional premises will allow Saama to deliver product development and offshore sustenance to its clients,” said Mr Samir Dadia, General Manager (Operations), Saama Technologies.

Business intelligence (BI) refers to applications and technologies that are used to gather, provide access to, analyze and transform data into actionable information for an enterprise ecosystem. Successful businesses of tomorrow will be the ones which use sophisticated analytical (prescriptive, deductive, and guided) applications to help them make better informed decisions. Saama is a leader in the Business Intelligence services market space and a pioneer in developing intuitive and intelligent applications.

“Humans have created a Data explosion. Enterprises by 2012 would have 30 times more data than today. Businesses therefore have lost the ability to access, interpret and analyze their raw data and turn it into actionable information. Business Intelligence solutions coming out of our R&D division will help businesses overcome this problem by providing actionable information on demand ” said Suresh Katta, Founder & CEO, Saama Technologies.

This new facility houses Saama’s products division which is focused on providing Global 2000 customers products that connect other major vendor’s products within their business intelligence information. Specifically, Saama has released three products that allow a customer to determine the source of the data that is represented within their reports, and the business rules that have been applied to that data as it was moved from the customer’s online transaction systems to the customer’s data warehouse, within three clicks of a mouse.

The business return that customers receive from these products usually stems from better compliance, greater customer or end user trust in the data for making critical business decisions and improved productivity of their business analysts and information technology staff. Customers of Saama’s products include fortune clients like Advance Auto, Telefonica, and Sysco Foods.

Competent and experienced personnel are required to design, develop and deliver such advanced business solutions. Saama is constantly looking to augment their existing headcount with highly motivated professionals.

“Saama is passionate about its’ people and respects their contribution in its success. In recognition of the same, we have declared an Employee Stock Option Plan for our employees. Saama employees perform high level career oriented activities, which along with the ESOP, make Saama an even more attractive option for prospective employees,” said Mr. Katta.

Commenting on the expansion plans, Mr Bill Binch, Director, Saama Inc., said, “During one of my visits to Pune in the last couple of years, I had mentioned that we would be tripling our headcount in the next 18 or so months. With the inauguration of this new facility, we have, in fact, exceeded that vision. We believe that in the next 18 odd months, we will once again more than triple our headcount here in India.”

About Saama Technologies

Saama is a Business Intelligence and Data Management Solutions Company founded in 1997. Saama solutions span the entire spectrum of client needs, from strategy through architecture and delivery, including roadmap, data integration, analytics, dashboards, data mining and meta-data management. Saama customers are knowledge workers, from operational managers to senior executives, in large and mid-size high-tech, financial services, life sciences, manufacturing and education enterprises throughout the world. For more information about Saama, visit www.saama.com

Aditya Kuber, Director, Media Sphere Communications

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