Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pune-based automobile designer Dilip Chhabria is set to make a Rs 2-crore Rolls-Royce for what he claims would be the biggest car of Hollywood

“We have bagged a prestigious order from a Hollywood actor that will redefine standards of luxury across the world. It can be called the biggest and hottest car of Hollywood,” the car designer told ET.

“Ever since DC Design customised a Rolls-Royce for a UK client, there has been no looking back. This assignment will, however, is very prestigious. It will be futuristic — as if straight from a science fiction. So be it the speedometer or the air-conditioning, or the lighting, a touch screen will do the job.”

Come March 2008 and DC’s futuristic car will rock Hollywood.
: Dilip Chhabria's futuristic car to rock Hollywood: Shramana Ganguly Mehta: The Economic Times.

Flickr: arjunkariyal's photos.

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