Tuesday, November 13, 2007

marketRx acquisition opens up a client base of 75 life sciences customers, 20 largest pharmaceutical and 4 top biotechnology companies for Cognizant

Why the marketRx acquisition?

Ramakrishnan Chandrasekaran: marketRx has a proven global delivery model for analytics, domain knowledge and proprietary analytics software platform that have helped the company build an impressive client list in the life sciences market. This was one of the main reasons that attracted us. This combines analytics, market research and software services to provide scalable, web-based solutions in three functional areas for life sciences companies: sales management and operations, brand marketing and product management, and market research.

The acquisition opens up for us a client base of 75 life sciences customers, including the largest 20 pharmaceutical companies and four out of the top five biotechnology companies. It expands our capabilities in the analytics segment and broadens our service offerings for the life sciences industry, while providing strong synergies with our existing business intelligence, data warehousing and customer relationship management services. The acquisition would also help us strengthen our offerings across all areas of the life sciences value chain.

New Jersey-based Cognizant, which started operations in 1994 as an in-house division of Dun & Bradstreet and Satyam Computer Services, has been the darling of Wall Street, much like Infosys in India. Ramakrishnan Chandrasekaran, president and managing director of the $2 billion company, spoke to Venkatesh Ganesh on the company's recent acquisition, its growth plans and strategy to compete against top Indian IT exporters.
: ‘Our rupee expenditure is about 30 pc of our total expense’: Hindustan Times.

Flickr: Stairway of Knowledge: Stairs in the life science institute of the university of Nijmegen.......represents the DNA helix with the lights as the building blocks of life....: *Pyrus*'s photos.

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