Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Caterpillar identifies Automotive Robotics as a facilitator between OEM Solutions and original equipment manufacturers in India

Rajeev Ranadive, director, Automotive Robotics, specialists in vehicle engineering, systems and software, said, "Caterpillar is interested in the huge investments planned in the Indian infrastructure sector."

"The Indian heavy machinery sector is abuzz with activity as players are expanding their product range to address the opportunity in the infrastructure sector," Ranadive said.

Automotive Robotics has been working with Caterpillar for the last few years and also has an engineering centre in US, close to Caterpillar facilities. It has manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad and a markleting office in Pune.

"Our role will be that of an equipment integrator," he added. Manufacturers of off-highway vehicles, mining equipment, tugs, platforms for mobile generators, bottom dump trucks, earth moving equipment will be among the major customers of Cat products, Ranadive said.
: Caterpillar finds ally in Robotics: Dileep Athavale: Business Standard:

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Lowering costs:

“This is not the normal dealer model since we will not stock any Caterpillar products or components. The physical delivery of products or components will be done by the supplier and the buyer:

we will do application engineering, market development, find new customers, provide application engineering and electronics services along with the homologation and other tests.

Usually, Caterpillar does this on its own; this is one of the rare times they are outsourcing,” Mr Ranadive said.

This outsourcing, like all others, will result in lowering costs by a huge 30-40%, for a vehicle which would have cost a few crore rupees in the US or western Europe.
Automotive in JV with caterpillar: Gouri Agtey Athale: The Economic Times.

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