Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tata's Eka, the fourth fastest super computer to rev up investments in Pune

While Eka, the fourth fastest super computer in the world and the most powerful one in Asia and Asia-Pacific region developed in Pune by Tata Group subsidiary Computational Research Laboratories (CRL) has certainly put the city on the world map, according to Sunil Sherlekar, Head of Embedded Systems R&D, what is more significant is the subsequent slew of investments the project is likely to encourage in the city along with the varied applications that the super computer is capable of.

Adding that the breakthrough is also important for showing the world that India can do high-end technical work, Sherlekar said the challenge before the team now is to use the supercomputer for a variety of applications, each of which will have a significant impact.

“The super computer is an enabling technology and a lot of design work is capable through it,’’ he said. According to Sherlakar the significant areas where the technology could be used includes the crucial sector of weather and climate modeling which could lead to vastly better weather predictions with far reaching effects in the field of agriculture, space launches and even optimisation of airline routes.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Brainvisa launches new web- based rapid eLearning tool- RapideL-i

RapideL-i is an internet-based, rapid eLearning content authoring platform which allows a true server based collaborative development at anytime, from anywhere. Multiple users can now log on together and work simultaneously to create engaging eLearning at the speed of business. The new version is set to deliver an intuitive end user-experience coupled with a global support plan.

RapideL-i allows creation of interactive and engaging eLearning in Flash or HTML with the help of its ever-increasing library of instruction ally sound templates. Subject matter experts, Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, Professors, Trainers or anyone with content familiarity can now create eLearning and focus only on content while RapideL-i takes care of the speed of development, instructional value of the content, deployment options of the course and ROI on every dollar spent!

RapideL-i is extremely cost-effective and comes with a central Assets repository, a rich reporting framework, an online review mechanism and the ability to share courses to work effectively in a collaborative environment. The course output can be easily published for SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 or CD based deployment. The application also spells boon for an organization’s branding needs with its customizing capabilities.

"The new version is in line with our mission to provide easy to access and easy to use platforms for an ever-growing community of e-Learning developers worldwide. This version will allow true server based collaborative development at anytime, from anywhere. We are excited to launch this new offering and we are sure that users will immensely benefit from our promises," says Regy Pillai, Product Manager RapideL.

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Pune.

Contact: Meghna M

:Flickr: Intrenational Handshake#2: Pisco Bandito's photos.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

SOA – A new paradigm in Business-IT integration by Ganesh Natarajan

An interesting point of departure from the earlier paradigm shifts is that while most of the earlier developments happened because of the availability of the right technology at that point in time. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in some ways contradicts this paradigm because it is more of a business driven architectural concept rather than an IT driven technical fad or a shrink wrapped product. It is a new way of thinking on how you look at your business in the short term/long term, what the key business functionalities are, how you see them growing and evolving in the coming years and how you can leverage them across the organisation in a technology neutral way..

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Automotive Research Association of India - Forging Industry Division, launches its official web site

The web site provides the information on the infrastructure available, various kinds of testing to be undertaken, research activities and training being offered by the institute.

At Automotive Research Association of India - Forging Industry Division, the main objective is to promote research and other scientific work connected with the design, development, testing of forged assemblies and to impart training to the personnel from the industry on Techno-managerial skills.

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“We are confident that our web site will facilitate wider awareness on the services being offered by us and build a platform for interaction with all prospective customers, researchers and associates” stated Mr. Sukhdev Ganotra, the Director of the Institute.
:ARAI Forging Industry Division launched its official web site :MACHINIST.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tata Eka World’s Fourth Fastest Computer Puts India on Forefront

EKA, The Supercomputer developed by Tata's Pune based Computational Research Laboratories, has been ranked the world's fourth fastest and fastest in Asia. This information was disclosed in the 30th Top500 Supercomputer list. Its a proud moment for India and us Indians as its the first time such system from India has made it to the Top 10

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Caterpillar identifies Automotive Robotics as a facilitator between OEM Solutions and original equipment manufacturers in India

Rajeev Ranadive, director, Automotive Robotics, specialists in vehicle engineering, systems and software, said, "Caterpillar is interested in the huge investments planned in the Indian infrastructure sector."

"The Indian heavy machinery sector is abuzz with activity as players are expanding their product range to address the opportunity in the infrastructure sector," Ranadive said.

Automotive Robotics has been working with Caterpillar for the last few years and also has an engineering centre in US, close to Caterpillar facilities. It has manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad and a markleting office in Pune.

"Our role will be that of an equipment integrator," he added. Manufacturers of off-highway vehicles, mining equipment, tugs, platforms for mobile generators, bottom dump trucks, earth moving equipment will be among the major customers of Cat products, Ranadive said.
: Caterpillar finds ally in Robotics: Dileep Athavale: Business Standard:

Big Boy Toys on Flickr by Stuck in Customs.

Lowering costs:

“This is not the normal dealer model since we will not stock any Caterpillar products or components. The physical delivery of products or components will be done by the supplier and the buyer:

we will do application engineering, market development, find new customers, provide application engineering and electronics services along with the homologation and other tests.

Usually, Caterpillar does this on its own; this is one of the rare times they are outsourcing,” Mr Ranadive said.

This outsourcing, like all others, will result in lowering costs by a huge 30-40%, for a vehicle which would have cost a few crore rupees in the US or western Europe.
Automotive in JV with caterpillar: Gouri Agtey Athale: The Economic Times.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

marketRx acquisition opens up a client base of 75 life sciences customers, 20 largest pharmaceutical and 4 top biotechnology companies for Cognizant

Why the marketRx acquisition?

Ramakrishnan Chandrasekaran: marketRx has a proven global delivery model for analytics, domain knowledge and proprietary analytics software platform that have helped the company build an impressive client list in the life sciences market. This was one of the main reasons that attracted us. This combines analytics, market research and software services to provide scalable, web-based solutions in three functional areas for life sciences companies: sales management and operations, brand marketing and product management, and market research.

The acquisition opens up for us a client base of 75 life sciences customers, including the largest 20 pharmaceutical companies and four out of the top five biotechnology companies. It expands our capabilities in the analytics segment and broadens our service offerings for the life sciences industry, while providing strong synergies with our existing business intelligence, data warehousing and customer relationship management services. The acquisition would also help us strengthen our offerings across all areas of the life sciences value chain.

New Jersey-based Cognizant, which started operations in 1994 as an in-house division of Dun & Bradstreet and Satyam Computer Services, has been the darling of Wall Street, much like Infosys in India. Ramakrishnan Chandrasekaran, president and managing director of the $2 billion company, spoke to Venkatesh Ganesh on the company's recent acquisition, its growth plans and strategy to compete against top Indian IT exporters.
: ‘Our rupee expenditure is about 30 pc of our total expense’: Hindustan Times.

Flickr: Stairway of Knowledge: Stairs in the life science institute of the university of Nijmegen.......represents the DNA helix with the lights as the building blocks of life....: *Pyrus*'s photos.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Global IT and BPO services firm Zensar Technologies, Pune, is set to acquire a SAP services provider in the Germany, Austria and Switzerland market

The proposed acquisition will help Zensar get a toe-hold in continental Europe and also bolster its revenues from SAP, reckoned as one of the fastest growing segments of the industry.

“We have short-listed 21 potential companies for acquisition and this will be further narrowed to a dozen. We expect to announce the acquisition this fiscal,” said Zensar Technologies deputy chairman and MD Ganesh Natarajan.

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Tactile acquisition:

“Understandably, Zensar has zoomed in on the German speaking market as it reckons that DACH countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, offer a huge business potential for SAP,” said an analyst.

SAP, headquartered in Germany, is the third largest independent software company and is operating in a field dominated by US companies.
: Zensar set to buy European SAP service provider: Hema Ramakrishnan: The Economic Times.

: Flickr:
: Sumit Verma's photos.
: michael.biermann's photos.

Young Indian start-ups can now plug into the structured support systems

Over the past few months, two of the world’s largest technology companies, Microsoft Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc., have announced a slew of initiatives for young technology start-ups in India, ranging from free consulting services to incubation facilities and access to product development labs, to steep discounts on new technology.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Volkswagen will launch its locally produced small car in India by 2009 when its green field plant will be fully operational in Pune

Volkswagen, owners of luxury brands like Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti, too, has agreed that it is working on a small car for India. The company is already in the process of appointing autoparts suppliers to ensure uninterrupted supply of parts for its small car.

Kevin Rose, executive director, sales international, Volkswagen, said, "There are products on the drawing board and we expect to have a car soon just for India. This car will be a completely new model."
: Global majors rush for India car.


Flickr: Photos from .

Is There a Third Way to Think About Low-Cost Cars?

Discussing Ratan Tata's 1 lakh car - and other entrants to the ultra-cheap car market - New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote an "No, No, No, Don't Follow Us". Friedman argues following the American model of motorization would be catastrophic for India's economy and its environment. There is a third way for India: clean mass mobility

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Workers of Bajaj Auto who managed to get inside the Akurdi plant, feel it's meaningless as there is no work for them

C.P. Tripathi, vice president of BAL, said: 'The workers wanted to come inside so we allowed them. We are not going to resume production. That is very clear. So, they can have a big party, play cards, sing devotional songs. It is their choice.'

The workers are feeling like birds in a cage. They have to report at the plant at 6:30 am and sit idle the entire day till 3:30 pm.

The management has laid out carpets and installed television sets for the workers at the spare parts shop inside the plant.
: No work, all play at Bajaj's Akurdi plant:

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pune-based automobile designer Dilip Chhabria is set to make a Rs 2-crore Rolls-Royce for what he claims would be the biggest car of Hollywood

“We have bagged a prestigious order from a Hollywood actor that will redefine standards of luxury across the world. It can be called the biggest and hottest car of Hollywood,” the car designer told ET.

“Ever since DC Design customised a Rolls-Royce for a UK client, there has been no looking back. This assignment will, however, is very prestigious. It will be futuristic — as if straight from a science fiction. So be it the speedometer or the air-conditioning, or the lighting, a touch screen will do the job.”

Come March 2008 and DC’s futuristic car will rock Hollywood.
: Dilip Chhabria's futuristic car to rock Hollywood: Shramana Ganguly Mehta: The Economic Times.

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Fire Safety and Prevention, an eLearning course created for Tooling University, Ohio, USA, by Upside Learning, Pune, India, won an Apex Grand Award

(XTVWorld.Com) -- The Apex Awards are presented annually to recognize excellence in graphic design, editorial content, and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence. Within these, the Apex Grand Awards specifically honor outstanding work in the main categories, which include Writing, Design & Illustration, Electronic & Video Publications, and others. Out of a total of almost 5000 entries, 223 were evaluated in the Electronic & Video Publications category. Eight of these won Grand Awards.

Fire Safety and Prevention is a simulation-based eLearning program targeted at students enrolled in online classes, with the aim of reinforcing their learning through engaging and interactive content. This was achieved by creating a job-realistic storyline and playing it out in a factory environment resembling that in real life. As the story progresses, students have to take decisions to resolve problems based on the unfolding situations, and are provided with feedback accordingly.

The Apex Grand Award is a confirmation of Upside Learning's capabilities and establishes the company as a competitive player in the eLearning market. Moreover, it reaffirms the company's competence in the delivery of effective simulation based eLearning applications, the demand for which is steadily increasing.

Upside Learning has produced a variety of courses that demonstrate an effective mix of innovative learning approaches, instructional value, graphical richness, and interactive appeal – a fact that is validated by the high rate of repeat business from partners and clients worldwide.

About Upside Learning:

Founded in 2004, Upside Learning is a fast growing eLearning organization, developing Content and Technology solutions in a variety of domains. With a base of over 60 partners and clients worldwide, Upside Learning is known for delivering high-quality solutions on time. Some of the work it has undertaken for its customers has won international awards for designing and quality. The company also has a very robust enterprise Learning Management System - UpsideLMS - which enables growing organizations to manage, deliver, and track online learning with an in-built competency mapping module.


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Bajaj Auto announces wide-ranging co-operation with the 2nd largest European sport motorcycle manufacturer KTM Power Sports AG

Development of engine and vehicle platforms:

The KTM Group provides the know-how for the joint development of high-efficient water-cooled 4-stroke engines (125-ccm and 250-ccm), which provide KTM the basis for street motorcycles in the new street entry segment. The joint developments will also be available as basis for Bajaj-products.

Through the cooperation with Bajaj, KTM extends its product portfolio for the future with a 125-ccm street product line, in addition to the present 1190-ccm, 990-ccm and 690-ccm platforms developed and manufactured in Austria. With the introduction of the new EU driving licence which allows riding of 125-ccm motorcycles with a car driving licence in all EU member States, KTM will be in a position to offer innovative premium entry models in the street segment.

Natural hedging-potential due to sourcing of entry motorcycles in India:

The sourcing for the production and the assembling of these new models in the street entry segment will occur in India. Thus the KTM Group is able to develop a natural hedging-potential for its USD-exposure in the future.

Strengthening of the KTM sales structure in South – Eastern Asia:

Bajaj takes over the sales of KTM products in India and further countries in South – Eastern Asia. Through this cooperation KTM opens up the Asian region and receives new opportunities for the sales of the entire KTM-product portfolio.

Sustained growth in the future:

The publicly listed Bajaj Auto Ltd. has emphasized the strategic importance of these projects through the acquisition over the capital markets, through its 100% Netherlands subsidiary – Bajaj Auto International Holdings BV - of an interest of 14.5% in KTM Power Sports AG.

Stefan Pierer KTM CEO welcoming Bajaj participation said:

“The Executive Board of KTM Power Sports AG appreciates this measure and sees in the cooperation a great chance to strengthen the KTM Group in its sustained growth strategy in a global environment.”

Commenting on the co-operation, Bajaj CEO Rajiv Bajaj said:

“KTM’s sharp brand positioning, differentiated designs, and hyper performance have inspired Bajaj to invest in this participation.

Bajaj is delighted with this opportunity to co-develop a range of products for manufacture by Bajaj for both KTM and Bajaj brands. Equally Bajaj is excited by the prospect of introducing KTM products to India and South East Asia, as also to access the European market via KTM.

Bajaj is confident that this co-operation represents a long term win-win situation given the entirely complementary and conflict free nature of the partners in brand positioning, market presence, product plans and supply chain structure“.

About KTM Power Sports AG:

KTM Power Sports AG is a worldwide leading manufacturer of power sports vehicles. KTM has won more than 136 World Championship titles and seven times the Rallye Paris-Dakar. The operation core company, KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG, develops and manufactures competition off-road and street motorcycles. KTM-Sportcar AG builds the light-weight sports car X-Bow, KTM’s first step into the automotive field. With more than 1,930 employees, the KTM Group earned revenue of 566.1 Mio. EUR (INR 32 Billion) in fiscal year 2006/07. Over 23 sales subsidiaries distribute KTM products to their 1,400 independent KTM dealerships worldwide.

KTM is a Vienna Stock Exchange listed Company with market capitalisation of Euro 390 million (INR 22 Billion).

KTM is a group company of CROSS Industries AG, indirectly owned by & managed by Messrs Stefan Pierer and Rudolf Knunz. The Cross-group’s other businesses include among others racing motorsports systems, composites, etc

Further information about the KTM Group is to be found at

About Bajaj Auto Ltd.:

Bajaj Auto Ltd, is India’s second largest motorcycle manufacturer and ranks among top five motorcycle producer in the world. In the fiscal year 2006-07 Bajaj produced and sold about 2.38 million Motorcycles and over 320,000 automotive 3-wheelers. Its Motorcycle brands the Bajaj Pulsar DTSi, the Bajaj Discover DTSi, the Bajaj XCD DTS-Si are extremely popular in India, South & South East Asia, Africa and Latin & Central American Countries. Bajaj exported over 440,000 units (over 16% of its production) in 2006-07. It achieved consolidated revenues of Rs 166 Billion (Euro 2.9 Billion). Automotive segment accounted for 57% of Revenues, Financial Services 40% and Investment & other activities the balance. Consolidated net profits for FY 07 stood at Rs 12.5 Billion (Euro 220 Million)

Bajaj is listed on Bombay Stock Exchange and Indian National Stock Exchange with market capitalisation of INR 245 Billion (Euro 4.3 Billion). Its GDRs are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Bajaj Auto is the flagship of the Bajaj group of Companies. Bajaj Group’s other interests include Life & General Insurance (in partnership with Allianz of Germany). Retail Financing, Steel and Electrical Appliances. Mr Rahul Bajaj (Member of the Upper House of Indian Parliament) heads Bajaj Group of Companies.

Mr Rajiv Bajaj is Managing Director and CEO of Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Further Information about Bajaj Auto Ltd. is to be found at

Flickr: Photos from bansi_nickname.

Flickr: Photos from desmoworks.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mobien Technologies and Persistent Systems, Pune, unveils technologies for mobile-enabling the enterprise, at Nokia’s developer conference in Bangkok

Putting the Maharashtra metro firmly on the map as a creative hothouse, were two Pune-based firms whose offerings seemed to complement rather than compete.

Persistent Systems showcased a mobile-based enterprise content search tool where search engines like Yahoo or Google could be integrated with a corporate database like Oracle or SAP and the contents searched even from the mobile phone of an authorized user.

Another Pune-based player, Mobien Technologies showed a tool which synchronized the home Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with the mobile phone so that data could be exchanged – even a dot matrix printer remotely activated.
: Mobile 2.0 is here — and Indians are making IT happen: Anand Parthasarathy: The Hindu Business Line

:Flickr: Photos from

Hexaware Technologies, a provider of IT & BPO services, has expanded operations in Mexico with the launch of its 2nd development center in Saltillo

The Saltillo centre will provide software development, application and maintenance work. Hexaware has also recruited fresh Mexican talent from campuses to cater to the growing software services demand in Latin America. The first batch of employees was trained on various software skills for three months at HexaVarsity, Hexaware’s in-house university in India. The local talent also provides an advantage of Spanish language. Hexaware currently globally employs over 6,700 professionals across its various global offices.

Besides the centers in Mexico, Hexaware also has global delivery centers in Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and Delhi in India, and Bad Homburg in Germany.
: Mexico Houses Hexaware's Second Development Facility: BPO

Flickr: Photos from Jennifer and Ron.

Trainer1, one of the UK’s leading independent e-learning specialists, has upgraded its partnership agreement with Harbinger Knowledge Products, Pune

Under the new agreement, Trainer1 becomes a UK-wide re-seller for Raptivity and its sister product, Raptivity Zest.

“Raptivity, the world’s first rapid interactivity builder, helps users to create true learning outcomes with meaningful interactivity,” explained Trainer1’s Neil Lasher. “Raptivity also tracks completion status, score and responses and provides this information to authoring tools for SCORM/ AICC tracking with an LMS.

“The Raptivity library of pre-built interactions is based on best practices in instructional design and allows complete customization of each interaction. The library of interaction models lets users build challenging brainteasers, compelling visuals and attractive presentation elements with ease.”

In August, HKP launched Raptivity Zest – a budget priced but full featured version of Raptivity with 12 instructionally sound interactions - which lowers the startup costs for interactivity considerably.

"We did not want to leave behind potential users of interactivity simply because of budget limitations,” said Vikas Joshi, chairman and managing director of Harbinger Group. “Raptivity Zest gets them up and running at low cost, and helps them champion rapid interactivity in their organisations.”

“This move is part of Trainer1’s policy of providing UK-based businesses with a range of the world’s best software tools related to corporate learning and business performance,” Lasher continued. “This ensures that we provide our clients with the quality and the choice of product that they need in order to enhance their competitive advantage.”

In recent weeks, Trainer1 has signed partnership agreements with Epiance, makers of Epiplex500; Harbinger Knowledge Products, makers of Raptivity, and SumTotal Systems, to distribute the Toolbook e-learning authoring tool. This is in addition to Trainer1’s re-seller agreements with the US-based Trivantis, makers of the Lectora authoring tool and CourseMill learning management system, and the Australian firm,, whose SWiSHmax software allows users to significantly reduce the time it takes to build Macromedia Flash files.

In addition to distributing these products, Trainer1 is also establishing first line support facilities for its clients. Lasher commented: “That way, you don’t have to wait for California or India to ‘come online’ before you can get an answer to your problem.”

About Raptivity:

With Raptivity, users can create interactivity rapidly and add it conveniently to their e-learning content. Raptivity provides a pre-built library of rapidly-customisable interaction models. These interaction models are based on the best practices in instructional design. Users can customise them to create any number of variations. The content published by Raptivity is a single flash file so it fits right into hundreds of e-learning tools and can be used anywhere. With its patent-pending technology and open architecture, Raptivity is at the forefront of rapid interactivity technology.

About Trainer1:

Trainer1 is one of the UK's and leading independent e-learning specialists, established in 1992.
Being 'Vendor Neutral', it assists customers to choose from the best available products to achieve their goals - offering many competing tools in the e-learning market. These tools deal with Authoring, Management and Content Production.

Trainer1 offers a range of services to provide an end-to-end e-learning solution, including a number of training courses in design, development and content production, as well as a full production service for bespoke development.

Further information from:

Trainer1 Offices and HQ located at 26 Kimberley Court, Kimberley Road, London NW6 7SL
USA Satellite office is located at Trainer1 House, 331 Little Creek Drive, Nazareth, PA 18064
Neil Lasher, Trainer1, +44 (0) 20 7624 4844
From USA: 1-888-4T1-4CSL (1-888-481-4275)

NewswireToday - newswire

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Saama Technologies inaugurates new R&D facility in Pune

( Saama intends to invest about US $10mn in this facility over the next 18-24 months.Saama aspires to reach $100 million revenue and employ about 2000 people globally by 2010 and this growth will be both organic and inorganic. Saama plans to tap the capital markets to fuel this growth.

“Saama constantly strives to innovate and keep ahead of the curve, especially in the formulation and delivery of services. These additional premises will allow Saama to deliver product development and offshore sustenance to its clients,” said Mr Samir Dadia, General Manager (Operations), Saama Technologies.

Business intelligence (BI) refers to applications and technologies that are used to gather, provide access to, analyze and transform data into actionable information for an enterprise ecosystem. Successful businesses of tomorrow will be the ones which use sophisticated analytical (prescriptive, deductive, and guided) applications to help them make better informed decisions. Saama is a leader in the Business Intelligence services market space and a pioneer in developing intuitive and intelligent applications.

“Humans have created a Data explosion. Enterprises by 2012 would have 30 times more data than today. Businesses therefore have lost the ability to access, interpret and analyze their raw data and turn it into actionable information. Business Intelligence solutions coming out of our R&D division will help businesses overcome this problem by providing actionable information on demand ” said Suresh Katta, Founder & CEO, Saama Technologies.

This new facility houses Saama’s products division which is focused on providing Global 2000 customers products that connect other major vendor’s products within their business intelligence information. Specifically, Saama has released three products that allow a customer to determine the source of the data that is represented within their reports, and the business rules that have been applied to that data as it was moved from the customer’s online transaction systems to the customer’s data warehouse, within three clicks of a mouse.

The business return that customers receive from these products usually stems from better compliance, greater customer or end user trust in the data for making critical business decisions and improved productivity of their business analysts and information technology staff. Customers of Saama’s products include fortune clients like Advance Auto, Telefonica, and Sysco Foods.

Competent and experienced personnel are required to design, develop and deliver such advanced business solutions. Saama is constantly looking to augment their existing headcount with highly motivated professionals.

“Saama is passionate about its’ people and respects their contribution in its success. In recognition of the same, we have declared an Employee Stock Option Plan for our employees. Saama employees perform high level career oriented activities, which along with the ESOP, make Saama an even more attractive option for prospective employees,” said Mr. Katta.

Commenting on the expansion plans, Mr Bill Binch, Director, Saama Inc., said, “During one of my visits to Pune in the last couple of years, I had mentioned that we would be tripling our headcount in the next 18 or so months. With the inauguration of this new facility, we have, in fact, exceeded that vision. We believe that in the next 18 odd months, we will once again more than triple our headcount here in India.”

About Saama Technologies

Saama is a Business Intelligence and Data Management Solutions Company founded in 1997. Saama solutions span the entire spectrum of client needs, from strategy through architecture and delivery, including roadmap, data integration, analytics, dashboards, data mining and meta-data management. Saama customers are knowledge workers, from operational managers to senior executives, in large and mid-size high-tech, financial services, life sciences, manufacturing and education enterprises throughout the world. For more information about Saama, visit

Aditya Kuber, Director, Media Sphere Communications

Photo: Marie T.'s photos

About Ratan Tata's 1 lakh car, Bajaj Auto - Renault - Nissan joint venture and Mahindra and Mahindra's SUV

The Tata Rs 1 lakh car project has triggered off a lot of excitement both among local auto majors as well as global biggies.

Given the jostling for market share expected in the hot hatch (Getz, Swift, U-VA) range, it was only a matter of time before the interest turned towards the entry level car.

Apart from Renault-Bajaj, there are a host of other new models being developed for India and other BRIC markets.

For Renault, the $3000 car can be its ultimate face saver. Given the sales pressures it is currently facing in Europe, the car maker needed a bold and out of the box strategy to revive both its image and its prospects.

A car pegged below the Logan, made in partnership with an Indian company, is a perfect solution. Bajaj has deep pockets, strong engineering expertise and a hunger for a global presence (it is reportedly looking to acquire a big ticket European two wheeler company like Triumph). It’s a good ally for Renault.

Mahindra & Mahindra’s larger strategy of charting a global course in the SUV market and its iffiness about the margins in this zero cost game were the reasons why it decided to stay away from the $3000 car.

M&M has been aggressively snapping up assets overseas—it has also bid for Jaguar and Land Rover and early this year bought Punjab Tractor—and is not particularly interested in locking up its funds in a project as capital intensive as this one.
:The Big Fat Small Car Marriage: Nandini Sen Gupta: The Economic Times

:Tata Indiva: Bichu's photos

Monday, November 5, 2007

HCL, Satyam, and Cognizant are $1 billion companies but they’re still in the cub league, living under the shadow of Infosys, TCS and Wipro

Today, despite the rising rupee chipping away at their profits , the billion dollar babies of Indian IT sector all seem to have struck a purple patch. Although catching up with the Big Three may not look possible anywhere in the near f u t u r e , they are tweaking their business models to attain leadership in a few profitable niche areas where their smaller size gives them the advantage of being nimble footed . But the big question is: what does the future hold for them in an increasingly competitive market which many suggest is already commoditised?
: Make way for the cub league of Indian IT jungle: TR Vivek , TNN: The Economic Times

India's cotton revolution is the subject of constant discussion at global agricultural forums, but in India almost no one has heard of it

Cotton Flower, originally uploaded by curlymonkey.

Norman Borlaug, the Nobel Prize winner, who invented the dwarf varieties of wheat and helped create India's first Green Revolution, predicted that science would also drive India's second Green Revolution.

He is turning out to be right. Biotech (Bt) or transgenic cotton is the miracle seed that resists bollworm — an insect which used to destroy a third to half of our cotton crop each year. By planting Bt cotton farmers have successfully fought the insect and delivered the highest production and exports in India's history.

Production has risen from 158 to 279 lakh bales per year from 2002 to 2006. Net income per farmer has increased by Rs 17,500 per hectare for India's 23 lakh cotton farmers. From an importer, India has become the third largest exporting nation.
: Let biotech crops bloom: Gurcharan Das: Times of India:

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mahindra & Mahindra joint venture with North American, Navistar International Corp to produce diesel engines for medium and heavy commercial vehicles

M&M and another Navistar affiliate, International Truck and Engine Corp, are already in another 51:49 tango — Mahindra International — to make trucks and buses in the country.

The $80 million project involves an upcoming greenfield facility in Pune.

MIEL will set up a greenfield unit which will manufacture diesel engines for the full line of trucks and buses produced by the preceding JV beginning April 2009.
:M&M, Navistar in truck to make HCV engines:DNA Money:

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Renault's Race to Replace the Rickshaw

Tata Motors is hot on Renault's heels in a drive to produce and distribute the world's most affordable car in the fast-growing India market:

auto rickshaw beauty shot, originally uploaded by Esthr.

Renault-Nissan Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn touched down in India twice on Oct. 29, making pit stops in his frenetic bid to grab a piece of the emerging global market for ultra-cheap cars. After inking a joint venture for low-cost vans and trucks in Chennai with Ashok Leyland (ASOK), he flew to Pune in his corporate jet to kick the tires at the factory of Bajaj Auto (BJAT), India's No. 2 motorcycle maker and a potential partner in Ghosn's quest to engineer a $3,000 car by 2010. A project could be announced within months.

French and Japanese automakers Renault and Nissan and the Bajaj Auto announced an exclusive collaboration for making and selling an ultra low cost car

Price around $2500 (Rs 98,587 approx)

"If Tatas can do it, there is no reason Bajaj cannot with the help of Renault and Nissan," said Carlos Ghosn, CEO of both Renault and Nissan. Ghosn was on a visit to the Bajaj Auto's two-wheeler manufacturing facility at Chakan, near Pune.
:City may have its Rs 1 lakh car too: The Times of India, Pune